Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Infamous Tongue Picture

I really hate it when women make "tongue" pictures, so now it is a big joke with the boys. I make it a point to do a "tongue" picture whenever possible.....see Rilo's face? They do as well in my honor.

Mom Pat's Pumpkin Carving 2009

Notice Hunter in the picture hanging off the side of the hay wagon - muddy legs and all.......need I say more?

Winter Park 2004

We took the boys to Winter Park a few years ago for part of their Christmas from us. First of all, look how young Riley and Clayton look - wow! We had stopped to take a break at the top of the mountain and get some lunch and Clayton would not take off his gear so of course we made fun of him - that's how we roll. All of the sudden he broke into a very funny skit that we still laugh about is taken from a character on Saturday Night Live called Phillip who is a hyper active child that has to wear a leash and head gear....enjoy.